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About Oxford Equestrian

Yard proprietor - Elise Clements MSc BSc

Elise is a passionate equitation scientist committed to providing 5* care for all horses she works with and is determined to provide each horse with a bespoke experience towards care, management and training.

During the completion of her First Class Masters Degree, Elise undertook extensive research into all aspects of equine science, with a specifiec interest in Equine biomechanics and the relationship between horse and rider asymmetries. With this knowledge and experience, Elise utilises practices specifically designed to promote equine and human welfare and is committed to ensuring all horses in her care receive the most ethical, yet effective care and management. 

Elise Clements Oxford Equestrian

Elise also has extensive experience fulfilling many roles within the equestrian industry. Elise is experienced working with many types of horses including foals and youngstock, stallions, fit competition horses and horses with behavioural issues. In addition, Elise also has extensive riding experience from working as a professional freelance rider for a number of years and has gained experience riding horses in almost every discipline including racing, endurance, showing, dressage, polo, and the Olympic disciplines. During her time as a freelance rider, Elise also had the pleasure of riding for international eventer and show jumper Paul Gaff (PG Sport Horses International), 3* event rider Ellie Kay (Waterperry Equestrian) and the famous Pat Eddery Racing.

freeance horse rider

Elise also specialises in the production of a wide selection of quality sports horses and ponies both privately sourced and for clients, and holds a keen passion for the retraining of racehorses.

Elise regularly delights in the chance to work with racehorses, and has worked retraining for a variety of disciplines receiving some excellent results even ending up keeping a few for herself as the proud owner of two fantastic ex-racehorses.  

Retraining of racehorses

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